Color Inspiration :: Emerald Green

St. Patrick’s Day is sure to conjure up visions of all things GREEN! In celebration, we’re sharing a styled photo shoot inspired by the color emerald green. All Planning & Design/Floral Design by Anais Events; Photography by Arrowood Photography. This styled shoot was previously featured as Emerald Wonderland in SouthAsian Bride Magazine.

Venue: Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco
Rentals: Anais Events & Celebrations Party Rentals
Stationery: Shaadi Papery
Makeup/Hair: Babita Amar
Henna: Neeta Sharma
Jewelry: Manjusha Jewels
Dress: Vastra by Namrita Chettiar
Model: Michelle Winn

arrowood-anais-1 arrowood-anais-2 arrowood-anais-3 arrowood-anais-4 arrowood-anais-5 arrowood-anais-6 arrowood-anais-7 arrowood-anais-8 arrowood-anais-9 arrowood-anais-10 arrowood-anais-11 arrowood-anais-12 arrowood-anais-13 arrowood-anais-14 arrowood-anais-15 arrowood-anais-16

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Chandelier {origin: French}: literally, something that holds candles. To us, they’re so much more.

chandelier-revised - 8 chandelier-revised - 7 chandelier-revised - 6 chandelier-revised - 5 chandelier-revised - 4 chandelier-revised - 3


























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You’ve heard the popular phrase “Love is in the Air” but have you ever heard “Love is on the Tracks?” That’s just how it turned out for Sujata and Ani, regular Caltrain commuters. After meeting once at a mutual friend’s party, they ran into each other at a Caltrain station a month later. Realizing they both commuted daily from San Francisco to Mountain View,  Sujata and Ani started sharing their commute and eventually, their hearts. The couple will be married on May 17, 2014 and we’re so excited to be working with them through the planning process. Check out their full commuting-turned-love story as published on Valentine’s Day by Caltrain and broadcast by the NBC Bay Area news. And remember, Love actually is all around us.



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Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Anais Events! Photo by Wedding Documentary Photo + Cinema.

2.14.14_VelentinesDay-AnaisEvents_WeddingDocumentaryPhoto-Simi-Aneil - 030

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Peacock Inspiration :: Styled Shoot

If you’re one of our loyal blog or Instagram followers, you know we love peacocks. And there can never be too many in one place! Today we’re sharing a styled shoot inspired by our fine feathered friends.

Photography by Nudrat Owens :: Design & Styling by Anais Events.

{This shoot can also be seen in the print edition of Today’s Bride Magazine 2014.}

AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 01 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 02 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 03 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 04 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 05 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 06 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 07 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 08 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 09 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 10 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 11 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 12 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 13 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 14 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 15 AnaisEvents-NudratOwensPhoto-peacock - 16

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Mothers and Daughters

Make sure you get that one mother-daughter portrait at each of your wedding events! Here’s Indian actress Neetu Singh posing with daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni for Mahesh Notandas Jewellers.

Neetu Singh1 Neetu Singh2 neetu singh3 Neetu Singh4

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With Valentine’s Day being just one month away, it’s time to start thinking about expressions of love. We can all agree that in order to love and be loved, you must love yourself first. And what better way to celebrate self love than with a private boudoir photo session? This week only, our friends at Milou + Olin Photography are promoting a contest called the Self Love Boudoir Contest. Check out all the details below for your chance to win a free 1-hour boudoir photography session with photographer Caroline Winata!




















  • Take a photo (selfie or otherwise) of yourself and post it on Instagram.
  • Describe why you love yourself – we really want to know!
  • Name your favorite body part.
  • Hashtag It! #milouandolinselflove

Milou + Olin Photography will choose 5 finalists at the end of this week and feature them on their blog –

One winner will be chosen by Milou+Olin and the second winner will be chosen by a vote of blog readers.


  • 1 hour session with Caroline Winata
  • 2 outfits
  • A private client website where you can view your session and order products
  • A sample album design – available for purchase a la carte
  • 6 high-res images (of your choosing) on a disc
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How to Store your Wedding Lengha

This is a must-read blog post for Maharanis everywhere. Choosing your wedding day lengha is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make! Once you pick the absolute perfect ensemble, you’ll need to keep it in the best condition possible. And here’s where we can help. Our very own Event Planner Extraordinaire and textile expert, Amrit Dhillon-Bains, was recently interviewed on this topic by the popular Indian Weddings website, We’ve copied the questions and answers here below for you. In the original post titled 15 Tips Every Bride Should Know about Lenghas, Amrit explains everything you need to know about fabrics, materials, beadwork, washing, hanging, steaming and storing. From using acid-free tissue and 100% cotton white sheets for storing, she covers it all. And perhaps the best part? Amrit had even more information to share than the questions asked! So we’ve included her other tips after the Q&A too. (An annual dress up party? Yes please!) Enjoy dear readers!

LenghaBlog - 1 LenghaBlog - 2 LenghaBlog - 3 LenghaBlog - 4





























MW: What is the best way to clean your bridal lengha after your wedding day?

ADB: It really depends on the damage/stain and the fabric your garment is made out of. Depending on the fabric and embellishments, you could wash it in a washer, get it commercially cleaned, or go old school with some elbow grease and wash it yourself. If the lengha is simple and the fabric can take it, you can put it in a duvet and run it through your washer on a gentle cycle. However, with beading and crystals found on the average wedding lengha, you can’t run the risk of washing machine or commercial cleaner (the harsh chemicals can melt the beading!) It is best to only spot clean with a stain pen (Dryel) or gently scrub away with a toothbrush using warm water and baby wash or soap. If the item appears fragile, avoid cleaning unless done by a textile conservator.

MW: What is the best way to store your bridal lengha to keep to wear again in a few years? Is storage different if you want to keep it as a treasure to pass on to your daughter?

ADB: We recommend ‘archival quality’ garment boxes for preserving your bridal lengha. These acid-free boxes are solid and secure to resist any long-term impact from dust, dirt and light. Some brands now offer boxes with acid-free tissue (Crate & Barrel)

MW: What fabrics are best for long term storage?

ADB: Always use ONLY non-buffered acid free and lignin free tissue, unbleached muslin, or 100% white cotton sheets to pad or cover stored fabrics.

MW: Any tips on folding?

ADB: Ideally, you should store textiles flat with as few folds as possible. However, if you must fold due to space limitations – make sure you pad all folds with rolled non-buffered acid and lignin free tissue paper. Fibers tend to break on fold lines or creases so padding these areas. You must also go back and refold it early to help prolong the integrity of the fabric.

MW: Is it better to hang or fold the lengha for storage?

ADB: Flat storage is always recommended. If an item must be stored on a hanger, cover the hanger with polyester batting encased in washed/unbleached muslin. Get cotton tape suspenders to attach the lengha bottom to the hanger and relieve hanger stress. Then cover the whole thing with a loose fitting bag made of unbleached muslin to protect from the elements. Experts recommend against the use of metal, satin or foam covered hangers because of their inadequate support and high risk of degradation over time (increasing the possibility of their own stain damage to the fabric).

MW: What should you do to make sure your lengha looks it’s before the wedding?

ADB: 1. Follow the designer or manufacturer’s recommended method of storage. 2. Resist the urge to show it to everyone before the wedding. Call me old school, but some things are best kept a secret for the big reveal on the day itself! 3. Entirely optional but it doesn’t hurt to give the garment a steam to make it look it’s freshest before the ceremony!

MW: Is it safe to steam my lengha?

ADB: Yes. In fact, I recommend Martha Stewart’s formula of creating your own steam room. Cover a bathroom floor with towels and run a very hot shower (filling the room with steam). Turn the water off, and then hang the lengha/sari on the back of the bathroom door. Next, wrap your arm in a dry, clean towel and run it down the length of the garment to smooth out any wrinkles. This method is less likely to leave water spots or iron impressions than a home steamer or iron.

MW: How do you transport your lengha on your wedding day?

ADB: Store it flat in muslin until you are ready to wear it.

MW: What if my lengha has a stain on it? Any tips for removing them before the wedding?

ADB: Spot clean if you must. Otherwise, depending on how big it is and where it is – you can add embellishments to cover the area or simply style your dupatta cleverly to hide the stain.

Other notes on preserving your treasured wedding outfits:

· No storage method is perfect and guaranteed. The very composition of the fabric or the item sometimes may prevent it’s ideal preservation if processed with chemicals etc.
· Zippers may rust and metal buttons leave rust stains. If possible, remove these and store these separately in polyethylene zip lock bags.
· Airtight containers are a bad idea for storage because a sealed box/bag creates its own atmospheric damage.
· Maintain temperature and humidity control. Attics and basements are poor choices because fluctuating humidity/temperature will cause the fabric to expand and contract – introducing wear, breakage especially at folds and creases.
· Avoid direct light exposure as damage from it can occur quickly and is usually irreversible.
· Plan an annual ‘dress up’ party with your friends! Pull out your lengha and examine it yearly!

Photos 1-3: Wedding Documentary Photo+Cinema; Photo 4: Charmi Pena

LenghaBlog - 5 LenghaBlog - 6 LenghaBlog - 7 View More:

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Naureen + Omar :: Wedding at Arden Hills

Perfectly paired photo collages of Naureen and Omar’s Indian wedding celebration created by Photographer Nudrat Owens.
Floral & Decor by Anais Events.

Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 01 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 02 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 03 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 04 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 05 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 06 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 07 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 08 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 09 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 10 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 11 Naureen_Omar-NudratOwensPhoto - 12

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Fashion in Color

If you’re an avid follower of our blog, you know we love featuring fashion-related posts on Fridays. We think #FashionFriday is a great way to end a week. Today, check out some photos from one of our 2013 styled shoots featuring beautiful bright colors in fashion. Our fabulous model Minoti Mehta is dressed in Rimi Gill with  jewels from Dhillon & Co.  Neeta Sharma designed the henna and MDC SF Photography captured all the great shots at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 1 1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 2 1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 3 1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 4 1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 5 1.3.14_ColorfulFashionBlog - 6

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